Our Mission:
IndyFeral seeks to reduce the stray and feral cat overpopulation through the non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), not trap and kill.
Reporting Cruelty, Abuse or Neglect

Anti Cruelty Laws Apply to All Cats

"Letís set the record straight: Intentionally killing a cat is a criminal offense in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, regardless of ownership. Anti-cruelty laws apply to all catsócompanion, abandoned, lost, and feral..."

~ Wendy M. Anderson, Legal Director, Alley Cat Allies
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In the state of Indiana you can't kill cats.

"A person who knowingly or intentionally kills a domestic animal without the consent of the owner of the domestic animal commits killing a domestic animal, a Level 6 felony." ~ Indiana Code 35-46-3

If you witness animal cruelty
Cruelty, abuse, & neglect toward animals is against the law. The animals cannot speak for themselves. They NEED us to represent their interest, to advocate for them.

If you witness animal cruelty in progress and believe an animal's life to be in immediate danger, call 911.

This might include such things as animals being tortured, killed, beaten, etc. It does not matter if the animal is a pet, or a wild or stray animal--it is still illegal.

In cases that are not immediately life threatening, contact these resources. Be prepared to give an address where the cruelty or neglect is occuring (if possible), your phone number & name (although you may remain anonymous), and a description of the abuse/neglect, how long or often is has been occurring and any other information you feel is import. Contact the appropriate organizations in this order:

cat in a tree

In Marion County:

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Division(IACCD is the enforcement authority for animal ordinances in Marion County - Read the complete Indianapolis / Marion County Animal Ordinance here)

  • IACC Investigations Department - (317) 327-1424
  • Mayor's Action Center -- (317) 327-4622 or (317) 327-1397, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday
  • For after hour emergencies including sick/injured animals, dangerous and aggressive animals and animal attacks in progress, please call the police non-emergency line (317) 327-3811.

Statewide Resources:

Sandra K. L. Norman, DVM - Director, Companion Animal/Equine, Indiana State Board of Animal Health, Discovery Hall, Suite 100, 1202 East 38th Street , Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN 46205 Email: snorman@boah.in.gov. Phone: (317) 544-2400. Toll free: (877) 747-3038.

Animal Cruelty Flyer

Often times, people who commit crimes against animals will stop when they fear discovery. IndyFeral has created a flyer that can be distributed in areas where crimes are being committed. People need to remember that crimes can just as easily harm or kill pets, and in some cases children.

Know Your Rights: How to Talk to Animal Control

If you are approached by animal control in relation to your position caring for cats, itís important that you understand your rights under the law. Just like police, animal control officers and humane investigators are bound by the law. They canít simply search your property, stop and question you, or cite you without a reason. But caregivers often consent to requests by animal control officers because they donít know they have the option to say ďno.Ē

For more information on how to talk to Animal Control, download this pdf Fact Sheet from Alley Cat Allies.

Pest Control Companies

Can Pest Control Companies Legally Kill Cats?

Not according to Alley Cat Allies, who have campaigned against pest control companies that include false or misleading statements regarding anti-cruelty laws on their websites. Read the story here.

If you know of any pest control companies killing cats, you can follow the instruction on this page to report the incident.