Our Mission:
IndyFeral seeks to reduce the stray and feral cat overpopulation through the non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), not trap and kill.
Feral Cat Handling Equipment

Working with feral cats can be done safely and with minimum stress to the cats when the proper equipment is used.

ACES - Animal Care Equipment and Services sells equipment that is suitable for feral cats. IndyFeral recommends the following equipment for proper handling of feral cats (to locate the items type the item name given in bold below in to the ACES search box):

  • Freeman Cage Net - a deep, soft fine-meshed net whose hoop opening closes by a sliding handle. Simple to use, gentle on the animal.
  • ACES Folding Net - 32" long net folds up yet is sturdy enough to handle animals up to 20 lbs. Triangular net opening is ideal for corners and walls.
  • Feral Cat Den - The ACES dens are designed to provide a frightened or fractious animal a quiet 'hiding place'. Secure the animal inside by closing the porthole door then remove the den (and animal) from the cage for cleaning, treatment, or transport. Completely eliminates risk of handler injury while providing a stress-free environment for the animal. Fits in any cage larger than 24" X 24".
  • Feral Den Easy Opener - A handy accessory to go with your ACES Feral Cat and Small Mammal Den, the Easy Opener enables you to open and close the Den porthole door from outside the cage by fitting the hook end into a hole on the side door. 24" long.
  • Freeman ZipnGo - The ideal transport bag for small animals or snakes. Expandable netting comfortably contains animals up to 40 lbs. Full-width zipper closure for easy in and out. Dark colored for calming effect with full ventilation. An attached plastic ziplock pouch will hold identification. This is the perfect carrier for disaster response, hoarders/cruelty investigations, and other situations. Washable and disinfectable.
  • Cat Bagger - A steel framework opens and closes the canvas cat bag. The bag features a lockable draw-string closure and several zipper openings that permit medical or other treatment (including IV and IM access). Ideal for extracting animals from cages, traps, and carriers. The bag snaps on or off the frame, as needed. Opening is 18"x14". Washable/disinfectable.
  • ACES Cat & Wildlife Gloves - Designed for maximum dexterity and feel, these gloves provide penetration protection through a combination of special materials.The hand area features highest-quality top-grain leather completely lined with Spectra. The gauntlet is a layer of Kevlar outside backed by a special knit Kevlar inner layer. Resists sharp teeth, talons, and scratches. Covers past the elbow. Excellent for birds, small mammals.
  • ACES Cat/Small Animal Shield - A must for veterinarians, technicians and kennel personnel. Just slip the light, transparent panel into the cage, push toward the rear, and inject through the evenly spaced holes. Easy to clean and a convenient means of treatment that is safe for the handler and humane to the animal.